Virtual office in the U.K

We have been looking at the options on the market for Virtual Office services in the U.K and there are some good services out there. We here at Flamelily have decided that we can offer a Virtual Office at an excellent price. I have partnered with an accounting practice to even offer accounting and bookkeeping service to those who need it. With our expertise in VOIP we can setup any U.K area code phone numbers that can go to a specific message for people or companies to leave a message. We can offer a receptionist service, but feel this is a cost most would not need or want. We can even setup conference rooms telephone numbers for conference calls with UK calls costs. We have a physical address for post if you need it and can offer a scan and email service for all post. We can forward mail to another address, but again this cost would be prohibitive for most small businesses. If you are interested in this ‘no-frills’ and cheap service get it contact with us using the contact form HERE.

Written on April 2, 2012