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  • Community broadband project in Worcestershire - November 7, 2018

    We have partnered with Bush Broadband to deliver a community broadband solution right here in Worcestershire.

  • Britain and its financial future - February 27, 2018

    Reading an excellent article the other day which we Tweeted about here

  • Bitcoin and blockchain madness - January 10, 2018

    After our post yesterday it really made us laugh seeing the news today about KodakCoin.

  • Happy New Year - January 9, 2018

    Happy New Year for 2018.

  • Our application for finding postboxes close to your location - October 5, 2016

    We have created a web application to find your nearest post box.

  • The humble floppy disk - September 15, 2016

    Connected my USB floppy drive to Fedora the other day and my 10 year old daughter peers over my shoulder.

  • Moving to Jekyll and Github pages - March 23, 2016

    We have just migrated our website to Github pages which uses the excellent static site generator Jekyll.

  • Google Analytics Reporting - February 22, 2016

    Google Analytics reporting has some excellent features to really get deep into reporting on your website analytics.

  • Twitter like button - December 10, 2015

    The Verge reports that the Twitter like button is more popular than the favourite here. Twitter made the button switch in early November and its clear everybody seems to understand the like button more than favourite.

  • Facebook developer applications - September 13, 2015

    Facebook has some great features for devlopers of Facebook apps.

  • Twitter Ads - September 17, 2014

    Here at Flamelily IT we have been trying out the Twitter Ads service that has been around for a bit. After the whole Twitter IPO back in November 2013 we decided to have a look.

  • Raspberry pi car computer now with reverse camera - June 26, 2014

    We have updated our Raspberry pi car computer with a reverse camera for those moments when you just can’t be asked to turn round to see what is lurking behind you.

  • Disable the NEW email via your Google+ profile - January 10, 2014

    There is a new Gmail feature that Google have sneaked in that allows anyone to email you via your Google+ profile even if they are a complete stranger. Someone just needs to add you to their circles and they then have the ability to email you direct (without seeing your email address though) even if you have not added them back. The default for this feature is on, but I will show you below how to turn it off. Google have added some security by allowing this to happen only once, unless you respond to their first email.

  • Free PC health check promotion - November 28, 2013

    We are running a promotion on Twitter, and our Facebook page were we are offering a FREE PC or laptop health check for following us on Twitter or liking our Facebook page.

  • Playing with GIMP - November 18, 2013

    Just playing around with GIMP which is an excellent image manipulation software and is free under the GNU Lesser General Public License or LGPL. I created this image using the text tools within GIMP.

  • Meraki wireless access points - cloud based configuration for switches and access points - June 20, 2013

    Been playing around with a Meraki Wireless Access Point for some time now and its amazing how cloud technology opens up areas of real usefulness.

  • Raspberry Pi car computer - update - May 23, 2013

    Just thought I would add a few pictures showing the Headrest monitors I installed for the back seat passengers. Movies for the kids……?

  • Raspberry Pi car computer - May 9, 2013

    I have always loved those old TV series with futuristic tech in those futuristic vehicles, like Knight Rider, Air Wolf, Street Hawk etc. So it got me thinking about how easy it would be to add a computer to a vehicle. Now I know its been done before and a quick Google search shows multiple websites and companies making very complex car and other vehicle computers, but at a large cost.

  • Changing your Wordpress website password. - April 15, 2013

    Sometimes we see things in the news that worry us and make us want to take action, like the recent Wordpress botnet attack.

  • Open source software in the business workspace - February 27, 2013

    Open source software, as its name suggests, means the ‘source code’ is open, or given away for no cost. Traditional software companies will sell you the right to run the machine code, but with no access to the source code, and even if you had access to the source code in some way you would have no rights under their license agreement to modify it.

  • Gmail Help Part 2 - Retrieving and sending from other accounts - February 6, 2013

    Gmail has the ability to collect mail from other email accounts (using pop3) and also send emails as though they were sent from another email address. This is a very useful feature especially these days with users having more and more email addresses to keep track of.

  • Gmail Help Part 1 - Using the googlemail filter - January 30, 2013

    We are going to do a series on using Gmail which should hopefully be useful to a number of people, especially since Android for smartphones and tablets is becoming more widespread. Firstly we are going to show you how to use filters. Filters that you setup in browser based gmail will action before you get emails to your smartphone or tablet, so can be very useful.

  • We have now become a 3CX Partner - January 21, 2013

    We have now become a 3CX partner and can offer advice and support on all versions of the software. 3CX Phone System is a software-based IP PBX for Windows which replaces traditional PBX hardware phones.

  • Enabling Salesforce touch for your organisation - January 11, 2013

    We spoke about Salesforce touch a while back, but we have now been testing it out on an iPad. The native application is really good, but you can also use the web app too, which might be useful to some who might need to use it without installing it on a mobile device.

  • Moving a wordpress site to a different server.... - October 12, 2012

    To move wordpress sites to different servers can be a little complex. You need to move both the database and RAW folders and files. If you are moving to a different server, but keeping the same domain name: First export your database using PHP Myadmin or any other tool to get your SQL file. Webmin can export databases into SQL. Create a new empty database on your new server. This can have different names and passwords. Then using an FTP client copy your whole website structure from the root folder and import it to your root folder on the new server.

  • Backing up a wordpress website - September 6, 2012

    Having used wordpress for a number of years now, one of the things that can be a pain is backing up your site. We have tried a number of options, some successful and some not so much. Of course when you back up a wordpress site you need to both backup the raw files and images as well as the database. There are a number of wordpress database tools for both backup and things like optimising your database. Once such plugin is WP-DBManager. We have used this with great success and has a number of features. But this obviously only gives you an SQL backup file and does not help if you need to fully restore a site.

  • Install phpMyAdmin onto Ubuntu... - August 6, 2012

    From console:

  • Zero internal email can become a reality for small businesses - August 2, 2012

    The news about Atos’ ‘zero email’ policy a while back had us thinking seriously about the implications. Now firstly, to be clear, the Atos ‘zero email’ is ONLY to do with internal email. In other words only internal communication between Atos employees will have to be done using other forms of communications and not email. The press, when this was reported, did not really make this clear, and I think a lot of people (including us) thought it a rather crazy thing to do. In the BBC’s story HERE word’s like ‘stupid’ were apparently used. Atos boss Thierry Breton would like this to happen by 2014.

  • Please like our Facebook page for a FREE health check - July 20, 2012

    We are running a promotion so if you like our Facebook page we are offering a FREE PC health check.

  • Salesforce touch coming soon....hopefully! - June 14, 2012

    This is great news for all Salesforce users as everyone moves to being more productive on smartphones and tablets. So Salesforce are moving to a HTML 5 standard for mobile and tablet access.

  • Another Microsoft gaff to do with browsers... - May 16, 2012

    Herewith a screenshot showing Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system with Internet Explorer 10 consumer preview running. We visited Office Live’s site and logged in to be told that you need certain browser requirements to view Office Live. Well I’m supposed to be running the latest and greatest from Microsoft and I still can’t view one of their own sites. No other sites seem to mind if you use Internet Explorer 10 to view them…….

  • Virtual office in the U.K - April 2, 2012

    We have been looking at the options on the market for Virtual Office services in the U.K and there are some good services out there. We here at Flamelily have decided that we can offer a Virtual Office at an excellent price. I have partnered with an accounting practice to even offer accounting and bookkeeping service to those who need it. With our expertise in VOIP we can setup any U.K area code phone numbers that can go to a specific message for people or companies to leave a message.

  • Raspberry Pi....small manufacturing delay - March 17, 2012

    Having been on the list for a Raspberry Pi for a while now, was interested to receive an email about a ‘manufacturing hiccup’ which is why there is a delay. Interesting to note the foundation has received over 200 000 registrations and these are growing at 10 per minute.

  • Host Virtual - Cloud servers at a great price - March 7, 2012

    Host Virtual are a popular virtual machine provider with a great support team.  But what I find is their biggest selling point is their shear number of OS images they have ready for you to deploy. They have over 25 Linux distributions and over 150 base images to use. They have some great VOIP images including Pbxinaflash, Trixbox and Freepbx. Also they have things like FreeBSD, ArchLinux and Slackware.

  • Vistaprint free online business card.. - November 21, 2011

    If you purchase business cards from Vistaprint they will give you a free online business card. This is just a page with your contact details, but is certainly worth using even if its just for SEO purposes.

  • EFM leased Lines - perfect for large VOIP installs - May 20, 2011

    EFM or Ethernet in the First Mile is a great technology for small to large business looking to dump the old analog lines and move over exclusively to VOIP. Being a symmetric service (same bandwidth upstream and downstream) it really does give your internet that feeling of ‘FAST’.  I think this will be an exciting technology for the company looking to drop all old analog lines and move primaraly to a VOIP telephony platform.

  • Free outbound trunk with this VOIP PBX HP Server - May 9, 2011

    PBX in a flash based Asterisk Server based on a HP Proliant N36L server. PBX in a flash pre-installed and configured with a FREE outgoing SIP trunk from Gradwell.  

  • Androidify - February 17, 2011

    The new app by google for Android phones called Androidify is very clever and slick. Give it a try…

  • Trixbox Asterisk Server - January 17, 2011

    Trixbox Asterisk Server based on a HP Proliant DL rack server. Trixbox CE pre-installed and configured with a FREE outgoing SIP trunk from Gradwell.  Can be installed at your premises at additional cost.

  • Christmas snow and deliveries... - December 22, 2010

    I have had a lot of deliveries in the run up to Christmas and have been impressed with the ability of the on-line stores and couriers to make their deliveries. Even companies like Ocado have been ‘thinking out the box’ and fitting snow tires to their vehicles. This is a testament to on-line stores and delivery companies as I think they realise lots of people have been staying indoors so their service has been crucial to the smooth running of everyone’s Christmas. We all tend to complain about the lack of service in the U.K, but I would like to say we should appreciate what they do when things like the weather go against them….

  • Memset services - September 30, 2010

    A great company with good customer services and good pricing for all your hosting and domain needs..

  • Still waiting for HTC hero 2.1 update for Orange phone... - August 24, 2010

    There are a lot of Orange HTC owners out there waiting to get the latest Android 2.1 update and not receiving it. Well click this link below and you will see that it might be because you have not updated it to the firmware from the HTC U.K support page. This is a manual update which you need to use the HTC sync software installed on a windows PC to do. This will wipe the phone unfortunately of all settings, apps etc, but from then on you will get the ‘Over the Air’ updates that do keep your settings. Follow the instructions from the link below to get Android 2.1 on your Orange HTC Hero…… http://www.htc.com/uk/faqs.aspx?p_id=283&cat=86&id=136932

  • Classic browser choice gaff by Microsoft - July 27, 2010

    After doing a re-install of windows XP on a client’s machine I came across this strange behaviour by the browser choice option that Microsoft have been using to stay within the E.U decision over browser choice.

  • FormAssembly....capture info quickly - July 20, 2010

    Being playing around with FormAssembly recently with some sucess. This is a great tool for online forms and data collection. They have a Salesforce app, Wordpress app and a Google sites tool.

  • iPad - Apple missing a trick or two - June 4, 2010

    I think apple have missed a trick by not having a USB port on the iPad. Can you imagine be able to tether a wifi only iPad to your iPhone or other mobile like the HTC desire I blogged about previously. Nearly £100 saving by buying the Wifi only version.

  • Smartphone heaven - May 10, 2010

    I recently posted about the HTC Legend being a good choice for a new phone. Well it is a great phone, but I think the HTC desire is the new king of the smartphones. Don’t take my word for it, read the review in the link below… PC Pro Review

  • Goodbye Googlemail hello Gmail.... - May 4, 2010

    Google Blog by Greg Bullock Finally Google has managed to sort out the issues with the Gmail.com domain use in the U.K. As the above link shows you will now be able to convert your @googlemail.com email to the easier to type @gmail.com Not many people knew that if you had an @googlemail.com address and someone sent you an email to @gmail.com you still received it. This was clever by Google to still route these emails to your inbox and obviously the Google ID (the bit before the @ sign) is unique to @googlemail and @gmail at the same time so as I see it anyone can convert their email to ([email protected]).

  • New Phone? - March 29, 2010

    Looking for a new phone. This little beauty from HTC might just be what you are looking for. Click this link below to see a impartial review from Reghardware. HTC Legend at Reghardware