Changing your Wordpress website password.

Sometimes we see things in the news that worry us and make us want to take action, like the recent Wordpress botnet attack. Then you wonder maybe its too much hassle and stress to change my password. Well here is a small blog post to show you how easy it is. Please change your wordpress password as soon as you can.
Just log in and click on the Users option in the menu. Then you just click on the user that you would like the password changed. I would suggest changing all of them. There is only the user, admin in the picture shown (try and use complex usernames too if possible rather than the usual admin or administrator as this is even more secure).
Then just scroll down and enter your new password in both the two ‘new password’ boxes, and click Update Profile. You are done. I also suggest using a randomly generated password and a password manager such as Lastpass. We will being doing a separate post soon on Lastpass.

Written on April 15, 2013