Twitter Ads

Here at Flamelily IT we have been trying out the Twitter Ads service that has been around for a bit. After the whole Twitter IPO back in November 2013 we decided to have a look. We like the simple layout and its very easy to quickly add a new twitter campaign using the wizard. Its very much like Google adwords when it comes to setting a daily budget and total budget for the campaign. You also need to set your max bid for CPF (or cost per follow) which again is very similar to Google adwords CPC (cost per click). You can create promoted tweets and even schedule them too. A nice feature is the ability to send tweets to your standard followers or just to your targeted campaigns.

So far we are impressed with all that’s on offer for small and large advertisers and it is a good start with things getting improved in the future. If you need any advice or would like us to setup and manage Twitter Ad campaigns for you just let us know via our contact page.

Creating a Tweet using Twitter Ads
Written on September 17, 2014