Community broadband project in Worcestershire

We have partnered with Bush Broadband to deliver a community broadband solution right here in Worcestershire. Bush Broadband provide wireless broadband technologies to rural customers with limited broadband access.
tree broadband

Ubuquiti Litebeam nestled high in a tree

We located a field which had a tree at a high point and could be seen by most households in the area. This would work perfectly to be a relay to supply over the air broadband to our community. This was an interesting install as we had to mount a pole to our tree to then mount the Ubiquiti devices to the pole. See here. We then got permission from a nearby Pub which had fibre broadband to act as our broadband host. We then mounted a Ubuquiti Litebeam 5AC to the Pub roof and used the antenna align tool to align the two Litebeam devices. The Litebeam device on the tree then was connected to another Litebeam 5AC blade device to allow households to get a connection to this device with a much wider Vertical Azimuth.

We had to use a Cherry Picker to get to the tree top as the distance was over 20m.

cherry picker

Cherry Picker to reach the tree top

Ubiquiti AirOs showing the connection speed between our two Litebeam 5AC devices.

Ubiquiti Dashboard
Written on November 7, 2018