The Oliver Twins signed my Amstrad CPC664

The Oliver Twins who where prolific bedroom coders from the 1980’s for mainly British home micro’s like the Spectrum and Amstrad came to The Cave to do an excellent talk about their lives up to the current day. From their days publishing games like Robin Hood and Dizzy at Codemasters, right up to their current project RichCast. They discuss starting Blitz Games Studio and some great stories behind some of their many games they have created over the years. This talk was recorded and will be on Neil from RMCRetro’s Youtube channel in the coming weeks. Link here EDIT: You can now view the video here

signature on computer
We got them to sign our rather rare Amstrad CPC664 (Only sold for 6 months in 1985). This bit of history will be on display in the RMC Retro museum - The Cave. You can book a visit by visting this link

The Oliver Twins signed my Amstrad
Written on September 12, 2022